About us


About us

Erico is a family company who´s broad experience, commitment and innovative thinking has made us a leader in wooden packaging and logistical solutions. We are experts in wooden packaging, providing a wide range of loading pallets and pallet collars for a wide variety of uses. We can handle all your pallet management needs — from delivery of new pallets to the sorting and repairing of used pallets.


We have the experience and flexibility to allow us to remain reliable when your circumstances change. This is a quality stamp that makes us the best, long-term partner that you could wish for.

We believe in our concept and are happy to think outside the box to find new solutions. Better solutions. For example, we have created a well-developed return system with one of Sweden's fastest sorting lines. We always provide pallets, even at the times when other players have difficulty delivering.

Why Erico?

Clients rely on and trust in Erico because of our:

  • Service guarantee: having the capacity to always deliver, even in times of shortage
  • Fast deliveries: being responsive to customer requests and fulfilling them quickly
  • Flexibility: providing a frictionless, enjoyable buying process for every customer